How to remove salesforce email limitations?

85    Asked by AashnaSaito in Salesforce , Asked on Jun 2, 2023

 My question is: How to remove the limits from a Salesforce org to send a maximum number of emails in one day? When I'm trying to send emails in Salesforce from Contacts objects an error msg is popping up saying that your organisation has reached the limit of sending emails for the day, please try tomorrow.

Answered by Dipesh Bhardwaj

To remove salesforce email limitations, you can request a limit increase by following the directions in the Help & Training documentation. However, please be aware that the daily limits cannot usually be raised indefinitely, and you must have a valid business use case. If you need to constantly send large numbers of emails, consider using Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp, or another email service provider. Salesforce is not meant to be used as an unlimited email system. As the documentation states:

The "Daily Single Email Message" limit is treated very similarly to the "Daily Mass Email" limit and is considered a "High Risk" feature by Salesforce Support. We understand that a limit increase may be necessary under certain conditions, but consider that Salesforce Support uses extreme scrutiny when reviewing these requests and we rarely approve indefinite increases.

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