How to eliminate salesforce duplicate reports?

241    Asked by ClareMatthews in Salesforce , Asked on May 22, 2023

 I am using Person Accounts and have 2 custom objects: Ownership and Property.

The Ownership is a junction object and has 2 lookups: Account and Property.

I'd like to run a report with a filter that gives me unique Accounts where House.Type = 'Maisonette'. However when I run a report, I may get multiple Accounts because someone owns more than one Property which is a Maisonette.

Answered by David Edmunds

To eliminate salesforce duplicate report -

If I understand correctly, in SOQL you'd express your requirement more or less like that?
SELECT Id, Name FROM Account WHERE Id IN (SELECT Account__c FROM Ownership__c WHERE Property__r.Type__c = 'Maisonette')
It's perfectly doable with a cross filter.
Let's say I want to see Accounts that have at least 1 Contact with title = Director:
Here's how it looks on the "run report" page (note the icon)

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