How to convert hex value to an integer?

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When working on a method defined in a class that controls the lead object. The desired end result is to produce a unique number for each Lead record. I currently have this working, but the out put is a hex value and I need it to be integer. The field to populate is called "Unique_Reference_number__C". An auto-number field is not sufficient, as there are different formats applied contingent on lead field values. How to convert hex to integer?Is there a simple way to do that? Here is my method:

private void GenerateRandomNumber(List lList){ System.debug('*lList*********** '+lList.size()); for(Lead l: lList){ if(l.Unique_Reference_number__c==null || l.Unique_Reference_number__c==''){ System.debug('*1*********** '); Integer len = 7; Blob blobKey = crypto.generateAesKey(128); String key = EncodingUtil.(blobKey); String pwd = 'ID'+key.substring(0,len); l.Unique_Reference_number__c= pwd; System.debug('*1*********** '+pwd); }
Answered by Alan Taylor

 You can convert hex to integer value by using a few primitive functions:

String hex = '0123456789abcdef'; String[] hexValue = sourceHex.split(''); Decimal result = 0; for(Integer index = 0; index < hexValue xss=removed>

However, you're likely going to lose precision with a 128-bit key, so you might consider using simply a 64-bit key instead (and put it in a Long instead of Decimal).

Here are the following are methods for converting hex to Integer value .

format() Returns the integer as a string using the locale of the context user.

valueOf(stringToInteger) Returns an Integer that contains the value of the specified String. ...

valueOf(fieldValue) Converts the specified object to an Integer.

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