How To Access Scratch Org From Test Salesforce Login?

246    Asked by ChrisDyer in Salesforce , Asked on Sep 22, 2023

Can you mention a procedure to alter the Instance URL or the Login URL for the scratch org? All I wish to do is to make a scratch org which can be logged in from a standard URL rather than a domain-particular URL. Is this possible? If yes, then what are the required modifications needed to be made to the scratch org definition file? The present behavior is on creating scratch org and on producing the password; it can be just logged in deploying the login URL, which is domain-particular. How to solve the issue?

Answered by Chris Dyer

This is not really possible. Scratch orgs are available on, even if you utilize the scratch org’s instance URL to start the login. The present behavior is when you make scratch org and create the password. It can be just logged in by the login URL which is purely domain-centric. You must be capable of testing the Salesforce login. However, it may take a few minutes for user data to match.

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