How to access a Salesforce sandbox login through API?

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Can someone with salesforce API integration helps me understand the requirements to access a client's Sandbox? I need to access the sandbox and pull data into our MySQL server. I hired a programmer but he seems to be having a hard time accessing the sandbox and I want to try to help by guiding him in the right direction? The client provided us with the following credentials for the sandbox. Target URL: Username: password: xxxxxxx token: gave us a token to access through API. Why getting fail to get  Salesforce sandbox login, please help me with Salesforce sandbox login any help would be appreciated.

Answered by Benjamin Moore

If your web browser has saved your login information from before the last sandbox refresh, your login attempts will likely fail. Clear your browser's cache, cookies, and saved passwords, then restart your browser to make sure that all old login information is deleted. Here is how you can salesforce sandbox login: config

  Make sure that username is appended with ".[sanboxname]".

Users can log in to the sandbox at by appending .sandbox_name to their Salesforce usernames. For example, if a username for a production organization is, and the sandbox is named “test”, the modified username to log in to the sandbox is The password needs to have security token appended. If password = test and token = 123, then you need test123

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