How do I resolve the GitHub internal server error?

428    Asked by Ajit yadav in Salesforce , Asked on Sep 22, 2022

 When I am trying to add GitHub repo to a heroku app it throws "Internal Server Error". The same thing is also happening to my other running app also. Is it a problem with the GitHub account?


Answered by ajith Jayaraman

The GitHub internal server error you are facing seems related to the security issue reported on

And based on this ongoing incident, As reported yesterday, revocation of all OAuth tokens from the Heroku Dashboard GitHub integration is complete. Until further notice, we will not issue OAuth tokens from the Heroku Dashboard. These actions, based on our current understanding of the issue, should prevent unauthorized access to your GitHub repositories.

We will continue to work with GitHub to provide additional guidance on how to review your GitHub logs for evidence of exfiltration or malicious activity. Please reach out to with any information that may assist us with our ongoing investigation. Please continue to visit for the latest updates.

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