How do I perform Salesforce sandbox login?

927    Asked by AlanTaylor in Salesforce , Asked on Sep 22, 2022

 We are able to login as a system administrator into the production org of one of our clients. The client has sent his own credentials which he used to login. Now we are planning to use the Dev sandbox which is already available in the prod org.

The issue is when we click the login link it opens the login page and prompts me to enter a password. the username is already populated suffixed with the sandbox name. I entered the same password which I used for the prod org but was not able to login and got an incorrect username or password. What would be the issue?

Please note the sandbox which already exists in the client prod org was created by someone else.

Do I need to refresh the sandbox in order to login with the current user credentials which I am using in production org?

Answered by Alastair McDade

Users can log into the sandbox at by appending .sandbox name to their Salesforce usernames. For example, if a username for a production organization is, and the sandbox is named “test”, then the modified username to log into the sandbox is

  <strong>> Note Salesforce automatically changes sandbox usernames, but not passwords.</strong>

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