How do I enable the Salesforce login sandbox?

328    Asked by alexGONZALEZ in Salesforce , Asked on Sep 23, 2022

 I am trying to enable MFA in SSO sandbox login, but while login into the sandbox it is not asking for any authentication. It works when I login without SSO.

Answered by Al German

Using MFA in combination with SSO requires a separate setting, as described in the salesforce docs To set up the Salesforce login sandbox MFA service, take these steps. In Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Session, then select Session Settings.

In Session Security Levels, make sure your SSO configuration is in the Standard column. And make sure Multi-Factor Authentication is in the High Assurance column.

From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Profiles, then select Profiles. Click the profile name, then click Session Settings in the System section. Click Edit, set Session Security Level Required at Login to High Assurance, then save your changes.

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