How can I use my previous knowledge, experience, and skills for acceleration of tasks of Salesforce orgs?

155    Asked by Daminidas in Salesforce , Asked on Mar 5, 2024

There is a scenario where I am professionally transitioning into a new role as a Salesforce administrator. How can I leverage my previous knowledge, experience, and skills so that I can accelerate my learning and effectiveness to manage Salesforce orgs? 

Answered by Celina Lagunas

 In the context of Salesforce, you can use your previous knowledge and expertise in your role as Salesforce administrator by taking a look at these several points or approaches:-

Identify the transferable skills

You should try to assess your existing skills and experience to identify areas that can overlap with the Salesforce administration tasks.

Customize your training plan

You would need to tailor your Salesforce training plans to focus on areas where you can apply your previous expertise and knowledge.

Hands-on practice

You should engage in hands-on practice so that you can work with Salesforce trailhead modules, completing exercises. This practical experience would help you understand of Salesforce concept quickly.

Seek mentorship and guidance

You can find a better mentor or even seek guidance from an experienced Salesforce administrator as he or she can guide you better in your new role.

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