How can I solve the issue of recompilation after committing changes to a core utility class?

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 I am currently working on a project that is related to working on a large-scale enterprise project in Java programming language. In this particular task, I have made some changes to a core utility class which is heavily relied upon by other classes throughout the application. However, after committing the changes I have found that the dependent class is now invalid and asking for recompilation. How can I manage this particular issue? 

Answered by Deirdre Cameron

In the context of Salesforce, you can address the issue of dependent class becoming invalid and requiring recompilation after committing changes in a core utility class in a java based project by using the following steps:-

Identify the dependent class

Try to determine which class or classes depend on the modified utility class.

Recompilation of the dependent class

Now you can recompile the dependent class by using the right build tool or IDE.

Resolve compilation errors

If there are any compilation errors in the dependent class because of changes in the utility class, then you can fix them by updating the affected code to accommodate the changes.

Here is a example given in Java programming language:-

// – The modified utility class

Public class UtilityClass {
    Public static void performOperation() {
        // Updated implementation
// – The dependent class that requires recompilation
Public class DependentClass {
    Public void useUtilityClass() {

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