How can I design a test class for effectively covering catch blocks within a test class?

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 I am currently engaged in a particular task that is related to the improvement of test coverage for error handling in a critical module. Explain to me how can I design test cases to effectively cover catch blocks within a test class. 

Answered by Deepali singh

In the context of Salesforce, you can cover catch block in test class by using the steps which are given below:-

Identify the catch blocks

First, you would need to identify the catch blocks in your particular coding that you want to cover in your test class.

Write test cases

You can write test cases that would intentionally cause the code within the try block for the purpose of throwing exceptions which would help in catching the catch blocks.

Assert exception handling

After triggering the exception, you can assert that the catch block should behave as expected. This might include checking if certain error-handling logic is executed and if error messages are logged or even returned correctly.

Handle expected exceptions

If you find that your particular catch block handles specific types of exceptions differently, then try to ensure that your test cases should cover all possible scenarios by intentionally throwing these types of exceptions.

Here is a coding example given in Java programming language of how you can write w test class for covering catch blocks:-

Public class MyClass {
    Public int divide(int dividend, int divisor) {
        Try {
            Return dividend / divisor;
        } catch (ArithmeticException e) {
            // Handle division by zero error
            System.err.println(“Error: Division by zero”);
            Return Integer.MAX_VALUE;
Import org.junit.Test;
Import static org.junit.Assert.*;
Public class MyClassTest {
    Public void testDivideByZero() {
        MyClass myClass = new MyClass();
        // Test case to cover the catch block for division by zero
        Int result = myClass.divide(10, 0);
        assertEquals(Integer.MAX_VALUE, result);

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