After-save flow in Order of execution

512    Asked by Nainapandey in Salesforce , Asked on Aug 17, 2021

As per the latest (Summer 20) update, salesforce introduced the after-save event for flows.

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As per the order of execution salesforce

Before-save flows run before "before trigger". But the documentation doesn't mention anything on when after-save flow runs, or I'm missing something?

Answered by Josh Ellison

If you’re familiar with Apex triggers, and after-save record-triggered flow is similar to an Apex after the trigger. In a save procedure,after-save record-triggered flows are executed after entitlement rules and before roll-up summary field updates.

Here is an order of execution salesforce

  • The original record is loaded from the database.
  • System Validation Rules.
  • Executes all before triggers.
  • Custom Validation rules.
  • Executes duplicate rules.
  • Saves the record to the database, but doesn't commit yet.
  • Executes all after triggers.
  • Executes assignment rules.

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