What is the significance of git cherry pick in version control?

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In a team-oriented project I have been asked to manage a version control system challenges related to ‘git cherry pick'. My job is to incorporate commits from one branch into another but I am not assure about how to complete it. Provide me with the basics of git cherry pick command so that I can make my task easier.

Answered by Unnati gautam

Git cherry pick is here to serve specific commits from one branch to another branch. This command mainly enables the selection and application of individual commits. Certainly, it enables it by the reference of unique commit hashes. If you want to use git cherry pick identify the commit hash of the change which you desire. After that execute the command. For example:-

Git cherry-pick < commit>

This above action will certainly apply the changes within specified commits to the current branch. However, it proves useful most when it features from one branch to another branch and even without merging entire branches.

Therefore, this particular command offers and provides an easy way or approach to managing the code changes. It also assists you in maintaining a clean commit history. Understanding the implications of git cherry picking is crucial in the maintenance of coherent version control history.

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