What are some methods of cracking fonts from images?

86    Asked by Dhruvtiwari in QA Testing , Asked on Nov 8, 2023

I want the font of text in a JPG image should be detected. Can anyone help me with this? I wonder if there is any way to do so. Is there any tool available?

Answered by Chloe Burgess

If you want a tool that can font identifier from images then there are various tools and software available. Some of the tools and software are: What the Font, and Adobe capture. There are also online platforms or services such as Font Squirrel’s Matcherator. These services and software have the technology to utilize image recognition which enables users to upload an image containing text. After that, the software analyzes the images and provide character or fonts.

These applications or software typically use a system scanner in which they scan curves, angles, and resolution of the images and then convert them into supportive or relevant fonts. However, sometimes accuracy may vary based on the quality of the image and the software you are using. They have an extensive database of fonts from which they provide fonts for your uploaded image.

Many services offer this feature free but there are also some services that have the policy of being paid. If they provide free service then they may limit the features of their services. Overall these tools are helpful in the recognition of the images in texts.

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