Testcase failed saying "ElementNotVisible", but when analyzed manually, is the element visible? How to Handle it?

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There are two or three things that may cause this issue:

The component may not be unmistakable in automation because of the speed of selenium.

If you shut a concealed division pop up and attempted to play out the activity, at that point quite possibly shrouded division popup' liveliness was not finished, which could cause this issue.

There could be another component which has the equivalent XPath or locator on some other page

For instance, Consider you have a component that has XPath as //button[@id='abc'] on page X; by clicking some tab on page explores the client to Y page, Now there is a component on Y page which have XPath same as //button[@id='abc'].

However, when you dispatch your application, the application might legitimately arrive on page Y. So with this situation, on the off chance that you attempt to perform on the component on Y page, it could toss an exception.

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