How does the bullseye coverage tool work?

377    Asked by Anil Mer in QA Testing , Asked on May 6, 2022

I'm using Bullseye code coverage tool. It's great. I'm interested in knowing it's internal functioning. How does it actually work?

Answered by Andrea Bailey

This is a tool-agnostic question. All of them including the bullseye coverage tool work the same way: they instrument the code of your system. Each time a line or branch of your code is visited at runtime, the tool caches this information. Afterall, the number of visited lines (or branches) is divided by the total number of lines (or branches). This is done in the scope of a single class/file, package, packages subtrees and whole application.

The code instrumentation can be, however, tool- and language-specific.

Here you will find more info, links and research papers on how to implement code coverage tools yourself and how instrumentation in example tools is done.

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