How can I troubleshoot and resolve the issue of the continuous pop-up window during the task of automation of a web-based application?

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 I have been engaged with a task that is related to automating a particular application testing process by using Selenium and Python. While going through with the task I was getting an issue where a popup window was appearing continuously with elements inside it. How can I troubleshoot and resolve this particular issue? 

Answered by Dadhija raj

 In the context of selenium, you can scroll within a pop-up window by using the selenium in Python programming language, by using these steps which are given below:-

Switch to the pop-up window

You can utilize selenium’s switch to windows method to switch the driver's focus to the focus windows.

Locate elements

You can try to use the selenium to locate the elements within the popup that you want to interact with.

Scroll to element

You can use JavaScript to scroll to the desired element within the popup. You can try to implement JavaScript code by using the selenium “execute script” method.

Here is how you can implement these steps in Python programming language:-

From selenium import webdriver
# Initialize the WebDriver (assuming Chrome WebDriver here)
Driver = webdriver.Chrome()
# Navigate to the webpage with the popup
# Find and click the element that triggers the popup
Popup_trigger = driver.find_element_by_id(‘popup-trigger’)
# Switch to the popup window

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