How can I troubleshoot and resolve the issue of “invocation target exception in selenium”?

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I am currently engaged in a particular task that is related to automating a web-based testing process by using the selenium and Python programming languages. While going through the process of executing a test script, I encountered an “Invocation target exception” error “target exception”. How can I troubleshoot and resolve this particular issue? 

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 In the context of selenium, you can troubleshoot and address the issue of the “invocation target exception” error in selenium with Python programming language by using these steps:-

Inspect the error stack trace

You should examine the full error message and stack trace provided by the selenium to identify the specific method or even element which are causing the error.

Checking for the element visibility

Try to verify that the target element which you want to try to interact with should be visible and even accessible on the web page.

Verify method invocations

If the error occurred during the time of invoking a method, then you would need to ensure that the method should be correctly implemented.

Handle timing issues

You can try to address any timing issues which might lead to the error.

Checking for browser compatibility

Try to ensure that the Selenium WebDriver and the version of the browser you are using are compatible.

Here is one example given of how you can handle this particular issue in your selenium test script:-

From selenium import web driver

From selenium.webdriver.common.action_chains import ActionChains
From selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
# Initialize the WebDriver (assuming Chrome WebDriver here)
Driver = webdriver.Chrome()
# Navigate to the webpage containing the link to open in a new tab
# Find the element representing the link you want to open in a new tab
Link_to_open_in_new_tab = driver.find_element_by_link_text(‘Link Text’)
# Use ActionChains to perform a right-click action on the link element
Action_chains = ActionChains(driver)
# Send the keyboard shortcut to open the link in a new tab (Ctrl + click or Cmd + click)
Action_chains.send_keys(Keys.CONTROL, Keys.RETURN).perform()
# Switch to the newly opened tab
New_tab = driver.window_handles[-1]
# Now you can perform actions on the newly opened tab
# For example, you can assert that you’re on the correct page or interact with elements
# Don’t forget to close the driver when done

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