How can I solve the issue of page refreshing while attempting to log in to my Instagram account from Chrome?

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 I am trying to log in to my Instagram account by using the browser called Chrome, however when I was trying to perform this I encountered an issue where the login page was refreshing without allowing me to enter my credentials. What steps should I take into account for troubleshooting and resolving this particular issue? 

Answered by Unnati gautam

In the context of selenium, if you getting the issue of page refreshing without allowing you to enter your credentials then you can follow the several steps which are given below:-

Clear cookies and cache

Try to clear the browser cookies and even cache so that you can eliminate any stored data that is causing conflicts.

In the browser called Chrome, you can achieve this by “setting>privacy and security>clear browser data” option.

Disable browser extensions

Try to disable your browser extensions temporarily as they possibly can interfere with the process of login. You can navigate to “chrome://extensions/” and then disable extensions one by one to identify the culprit.

Incognito mode

You can either try to log into your Instagram account in incognito mode to see if the issue persists or not.

Checking JavaScript

Try to confirm that the JavaScript is enabled in your Chrome browser setting. It is important because Instagram heavily relies on JavaScript for its functionalities.

Network issues

You can check for network Issues to see if any network issues are trying to affect communication between your browser and Instagram servers.

Inspecting developer tools

Open your Chrome browser and go to developer tools, then go to the console tab for any error message that possibly provides insights into the issues.

Try another browser

If this problem persists then you should look for another browser for logging into your Instagram account to check if the issue is Chrome-specific.

Password manager

Try to disable any password manager that is trying to autofill the credentials.

Contact Instagram support

If nothing is going to solve your problem then you can contact Instagram support as they can provide you with more insight and methods of solving this particular issue.

Keep in mind that, these steps are for covering a range of common issues and the specific solution may vary that may be depend on the nature of the problem.

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