How can I solve the issue of “inst_log” during software installation?

 I am currently investigating a particular issue that is related to a software installation. While doing this task I encountered a scenario where an error message occurred which was showing “inst_log”. How can I diagnose this particular issue? 

Answered by Charles Parr

 In the context of selenium, you can resolve the issue of “inst_log” in an installation log by using the following steps:-

Locate the installation log

Try to find and even review the installation log which can contain detailed information about the process of installation.

Search for error message

You can search for the error message or even exception in the file as these messages can provide clues about what is going wrong during the installation.

Checking permission

Try to ensure that there is enough disk available or not on the system as the lack of disk space can cause installation failure.


Try to confirm that all necessary dependencies for the software should be installed as sometimes installation can fail due to not installing dependencies.

Network issues

Try to ensure that there is appropriate and good quality network connectivity so that you can achieve seamless workflow as sometimes the issue can raised only due to network issues.

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