How can I solve and troubleshoot the issue of “502 bad gateway”?

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I am a website administrator and on my particular website I am testing an issue with “502 bad gateway” which is protected by Cloudflare. How can I troubleshoot and resolve this particular issue? 

Answered by Daniel BAKER

In the context of selenium, you can resolve and troubleshoot the issue of “502 bad gateway” by using the following steps:-

Checking the Cloudflare status page

You can visit the status of the Cloudflare page to see if any issues are trying to affect services.

Reviewing Cloudflare logs

Try to examine Cloudflare logs if there is any indication of problems.

Server health Checking

Try to ensure that your origin server is healthy or not as sometimes an unhealthy server can cause the problem.

Verifying the setting of DNS

Try to confirm that your DNS of domain setting is correctly configured in Cloudflare.

Checking firewall setting

You can also check for the Cloudflare firewall setting to ensure that there is no blocking to your particular server.

Origin server configuration

Try to check your origin server configuration so that you can ensure that it is correctly handling requests or not.

SSL/TLS configuration

If you are using HTTPS, then try to check the SSL/TLS Configuration on both Cloudflare and your origin server.

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