Github “fatal: remote origin already exists”

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 I signed up on Github and issued a new SSH key and made a new repository. But when I enter the next line into the terminal I get the error ”remote origin already exists” as shown below:

Parkers-MacBook-Pro:.ssh ppreyer$ git remote add origin
fatal: remote origin already exists.

How can I resolve this error?

Answered by Clare Matthews

For this type of error you should just update the existing remote using:

        $ git remote set-url origin

As the error message indicates, there is already a remote configured with the same name. So you can either add the new remote with a different name:

To add a new remote, for example, github instead of origin, do the following:

        $ git remote add github

While pushing you should use

        git push github master

Thus, you can resolve the error “remote origin already exists” by creating a new remote with a different name instead of origin.

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