How to use conda remove environment to free up the disk?

151    Asked by DaniloGuidi in Python , Asked on Nov 14, 2023

I was using Conda for managing my environment of the python and I have reached a point where I don’t need one of the environments now. Therefore, I want to clean up space from my machine. I am confused about the best way to remove this specific condo environment. Tell me the way.

Answered by bhagwati dubey

 If you want to remove a conda environment in the field of the command line interface then you can use the ‘conda remove’ command for this particular objective. The specific syntax of it is “conda remove - - name - - all” where the component refers to the name of the environment that is to be deleted in the whole process. 

The above command deleted the conda environment and making freeing up disk space and eliminating the environment from the whole system. Always ensure that you are removing the required environment as it can impact any work or projects which are attached to it. You are advised before using this command that you should systemize your backup plan of essential data. This backup strategy will allow you to minimize your risk while using the conda remove environment command.

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