How can I use the conda environment for the task of copying a particular environment?

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 I have been assigned a  specific task that is related to working on a data science project by using a conda environment. In this, I need to duplicate an existing environment to create a separate but identical environment for the task of testing. How can I use the conda environment for copying an environment? 

Answered by Chloe Burgess

 In the context of Python programming language, you can use the conda environment for the task of copying a particular environment by using the function of “conda create” with the “- - clon” option. This command or function would allow you to create a new environment based on the existing environment. Here is the example given of how you can use this particular command:-

“conda create - - name new_ environment_name - - clone existing_ environment_ name”

Here are some considerations given that should be kept in mind:-

Name the new environment

You should choose a unique name for the new environment to avoid the conflicts with existing environment.

Checking for package versions

Ensure that the existing environment has required or necessary packages or not. Check also for their appropriate versions. The cloned environment should have the same package version as the existing environment.

Activating new environment

After completing the task of creating a new environment based on the existing one, you can activate the new environment or cloned environment by using the command:-

“conda activate new_environment_ name”

Here is the practical example given

# Assuming you have an existing environment named ‘existing_env’

Conda create –name new_env –clone existing_env

This above Command would help you in creating a new conda environment named “new_env’’ which would be the duplicate or clone of the existing environment named “existing_env”. This is generally useful for the creation of an isolated testing environment with the same package configuration as your existing environment.

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