How can I troubleshoot the issue of numpy.cire.multiarray failed to import?

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 There is a scenario where I am working on a Python project which includes numeric computations. When attempting this I encountered an error message that showed “ImportError:cannot import name ‘multiarray’ from ‘numpy.core’.  How can I troubleshoot this particular issue? 

Answered by Daniel BAKER

 In the context of Python programming language, if you are getting the issue of “ numpy.cire.multiarray failed to import” then you can troubleshoot this particular issue by using the following steps:-

Checking NumPy installation

First, try to ensure that your NumPy is installed correctly or not by using the following command:-

Pip install –upgrade –force-reinstall numpy

Check the Version of NumPy

Also, ensure that the version of your NumPy is of appropriate version. You can upgrade it to the latest version if needed by using the following command:

Pip install –upgrade Numpy

Verify coding and imports

Try to ensure that your code does not have conflicting module or even package names. If there are any local files or directories named ‘numpy’ which might interfere.

Checking for circular imports

You should check for the circular imports as it can sometimes cause such issues.

Inspect system environment

Try to verify that your Python environment is correctly set up.

Here is the sample coding given which would demonstrate a correct or appropriate import of NumPy:

Import numpy as np

# Your code using NumPy here

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