How can I remove items from the list in Python by index?

115    Asked by Chandralekhadebbie in Python , Asked on Jan 12, 2024

I am assigned a particular task which is related to managing a to-do list. However, while attempting the functionalities for removing a particular item by using its index from the list, I encountered a scenario where one of the users wanted to delete specific tasks by their position in the list. Now, how can I handle this particular issue? 

Answered by Charles Parr

 In the context of Python programming language, if you aim to remove item list by index, then you can do so by using the “pop()” method. Here is the example given to showcase the method:-

# Sample to-do list
To_do_list = [“Task 1”, “Task 2”, “Task 3”, “Task 4”, “Task 5”]
# Remove an item by its index
Index_to_remove = 2 # Replace this with the desired index
If 0 <= index_to_remove < len xss=removed>

This above code simulates a to-do list and helps in removing an item by its index. However, it is important to ensure whether the index is within the appropriate range of the list or not.

The “removed_task” variable stores the removed task for reference, and then after the to-do list is updated would be printed after the process of removing the operation.

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