How can I install modules in Pycharm?

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I am currently working on a project using the Pycharm Development environment. In this environment, I need to install and manage the external Python modules for my particular project. Describe the steps for me on how can I add or install a new module in my PyCharm project. 

 In the context of Python programming language, if you want to install or add the modules in your Pycharm project then you can use the following steps which are given below:-

Open the Pycharm

First, you would need to launch the Pycharm project in which you want to install the modules.

Open terminals

Now open the terminal within the Pycharm by navigating into the view menu.

Use pip installation

You can use the pip command to install the desired modules related to Python.

  “ pip install requests”

Verification of installation

When the installation is completed, verify that the module is completely installed or not by checking the terminal.

Check the project interpreter

Ensure that the module that you have installed is appropriately associated with the correct Python interpreter or not.

By following these steps you can easily install and manage the modules related to Python in your Pycharm project.

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