How can I handle floating-point Precision in a particular application?

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 I have been assigned a particular task that is related to managing a financial application written in Python programming language. In this application how can I handle floating point precision for ensuring accurate representation of currency values in calculations so that I can avoid errors related to rounding? 

 In the context of Python programming language, you can manage Python float precision for your particular application by using the module called “decimal” which would prove a decimal data type with configurable precision. Here is the basic example given:-

From decimal import Decimal, get context

# Set the desired precision (e.g., 2 for cents)
Getcontext().prec = 4
# Define decimal numbers
Amount1 = Decimal(“1234.5678”)
Amount2 = Decimal(“987.6543”)
# Perform precise calculations
Result = amount1 + amount2
# Display the result

In this above example the module of “decimal” would help you in maintaining throughout the calculations so that it can reduce the risk of rounding errors. You can also adjust the Precision by using “getcontext().prec” according to the requirements of your application.

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