How can I change Python string into bytes?

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 I am currently working on a network-based application in Python that can send the data over a socket. Explain to me how can convert or change a string to bytes before sending it across the network. Why this conversion is necessary during the sending process? 

Answered by Ranjana Admin

 In the context of Python programming language, you can change the Python string to bytes by using the method “encode()”. Here is the example given to convert the string into bytes using a specific encoding such as UTF-8:-

String _ data = “ Your string data”
Bytes_ data = string_ data.encode (‘utf-8’)

This above encode () method will certainly change your required strings into the form of bytes by using the specified encoding of UTF-8.

The conversion of string into bytes before the sending process starts is necessary. It is so because network communication only can deal with the binary data while the strings are textual data. Therefore, when you convert the string into bytes the networking communication system reads and understands it easily which can lead you to a seamless flow of work products without losing information or encountering encoding issues.

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