How can I call another Python script within a particular Python script?

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 I am currently assigned a task which is related to using a Python script. In this I have a Python script whose name is “main_script_py” and within it, I want to call and implement another Python script whose name should be “”. How can I achieve this particular target of another script called within “”? 

In the context of Python programming language, you can call another Python script in your existing Python script by using the module called “subprocess” in Python programming language. Here is an example of how you can achieve this particular target –

Import subprocess

# Define the command to run the helper script
Command = [‘python’, ‘’]
# Use subprocess to call and execute the helper script

This above coding would use the function called “” for implementing the specified command, which in this case is running the “” by using the Python interpreter called “python”. You can adjust the command structure according to your need for the structure of the project and environment.

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