How to search a Git repository by commit message?

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 I checked some source code into GIT with the commit message "Build 0051".

However, I can't seem to find that source code anymore - how do I extract this source from the GIT repository, using the command line?

The source code is definitely there, now its a matter of checking it out:

C:Source>git log -g --grep="0052"
commit 77b1f718d19e5cf46e2fab8405a9a0859c9c2889
Reflog: HEAD@{10} (unknown )
Reflog message: commit: 20110819 - 1724 - GL: Intermediate version. File version:  v0.5.0 build 0052.
Author: unknown
Date:  TueJul16 17:24:51 2019 +0100
    20110819 - 1724 - GL: Intermediate version. File version: v0.5.0 build 0052.

Answered by Dadhija raj

 If you have lost the history of the commit, look for the ‘build 0051’ in the commits listed by reflog using:

    git reflog

Then you need to set your head to the commit where ‘build 0051’ is not visible.

Then to recover git search commit messages from reflog do:

git checkout  
# alternative, using reflog (see git-ready link provided)
# git checkout HEAD@{10} git checkout -b build_0051
# Make a new branch with the build_0051 as the tip

This will help you to push to github.

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