Npm run build command fails

381    Asked by DavidWHITE in Power BI , Asked on Apr 23, 2021

I am trying to build the quip gdrive live app example from quip. Following the quip liveapps instructions and when I run the npm run build command I get an error "NODE_ENV" is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I am running windows 10, python 3.9 installed Node.js 14.16.1 from the website link in . Can anyone point me in the right direction to resolving this?

Thank you Charlie

Answered by Angela Baker

Windows still has some important twist, if you look in package.json in the scripts field you'll see the run command, which probably looks something like NODE_ENV=development webpack - you can just remove the NODE_ENV=development part since windows doesn't allow assigning environment variables that way.

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