How to integrate JIRA with salesforce?

435    Asked by Aashishchaursiya in Power BI , Asked on Jul 19, 2021

I am new to Salesforce with JIRA integration. I have read about them but I have not found any proper documentation supporting the Integration.Please suggest.

Answered by yash Jaiteley

jira salesforce integration, both have an API. You can either have a callout to Jira from salesforce with Apex or put middleware in between (I personally like dell boomi a lot for these things, it comes with out of the box connectors for both Salesforce and Jira). I'm not sure whether jira is extendable/customizable so it may also be possible to call out to salesforce from Jira. Much will depend on how extensive you want this integration to be. Jira API: Making HTTP Callouts from Apex: Your question is quite broad, I'd recommend you put some more effort into reading into this,and trying to build something. When you get stuck with specific problems, you can post more questions.

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