How can I Change IDENTITY_INSERT to ON in SQL server [duplicate]

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How can I insert an ID into an identity column in SQL Server? I'll make a special item into my table and I will quickly detect that item by the ID. So because all other ID's are bigger or equal to one, I will give that special item the ID zero. The problem is now, when I've created that table I've place the identity of the column ID on true. If I insert now the special item with code below, I've got next error: INSERT INTO MyTable(ID, Name, Description) VALUES (0, 'Special title', 'special item'); Error: Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table MyTable when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF. How can I change this table, column or property so I can create a record with ID zero?

Answered by Csaba Toth

Explicit identity_insert sql server requires IDENTITY_INSERT property set to ON. SET IDENTITY_INSERT MyTable ON -- Statement Allows explicit values to be inserted into -- the identity column of a table. GO INSERT INTO MyTable(ID, Name, Description) VALUES (0, 'Special title', 'special item'); GO SET IDENTITY_INSERT MyTable OFF -- Statement revert granted permission GO

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