What's the use of Geodata Service in ArcGIS API for javascript?

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Can I use Geodata service in ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.1?

Background: I have a simple map service and all attribute data is stored in SQL Server database. I want to perform a query operation on a map service in JSAPI (and data should come from the database.)

I have only database access and I cannot create the Geo-database. I can't attach the data to shapefile (it's too large)

I searched on Google and asked a few people so they told me that they publish the data as "geodata service" but according to API documentation JSAPI (3.1) does not support Geodata service.

Also in JSAPI examples it's not mentioned clearly.

So what should I do?

Software: ArcGIS Server 10.1, ArcGIS Javascript API 3.1, ArcSDE

Answered by akash Mishra

You can Convert the data into Json Format and use it in your application.You can write a handler that can convert Data from sql into JSON.Sql Data to Json.Using Json you can Create feature set and feature collection and display feature layer.

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