What is meant by compare to() method in Java?

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 Dive into the concept of compareTo method in Java programming. What are its functions and features? How it is useful in comparison between two objects for sorting purposes?

Answered by Delbert Rauch

The compareTo method is mainly used in Java applications. It is used commonly in Java to compare two objects. Mainly the comparison is done by this method in between sorting purposes. It allows you to compare two objects based on their natural ordering.

The first function and feature of the compareto Java method is its comparison functionality. Under it, it compares the current object with the object that you specified. After that, it provides an integer value based on the comparison result. The next function and feature of this method is Return values. The method returns an integer value. 

It indicates the relation between the two objects. If the current object is less than the other, it means it is a negative value. On the other hand, if the current object has a higher value than the argument object, it means you find a positive value. There is also a third scenario possible of being equal for both objects. 

If both objects are equal it means the return is zero. The next feature of this method is that it is used also for sorting collections such as array lists. Become the master in Java with Java learning online.

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