What is a binary search algorithm in Java programming?

88    Asked by CharlesParr in Java , Asked on Nov 20, 2023

I was working through my algorithm in Java programming but I got stuck in one situation where I needed to locate an element within a sorted array. Therefore, what is the easy method to locate the element within a sorted array? 

Answered by Danilo Guidi

The “binary search java” is a type of algorithm in Java programming that is used to locate an element within a sorted array. It locates the element by regular division of the search range in half. It compares the middle element with the target and then adjusts the search space accordingly. The main feature of this algorithm is that it consumes less time in its work as compared to others such as linear search however, to work efficiently the array must be sorted.

It returns the index of the element if found or a negative value in the case of absence if you use “Array.bjnarySearch()” method. Since it is an efficient tool for sorting data binary search is the key and fundamental component of Java programming, especially for tasks like searching operations within sorted collections or arrays. Therefore, binary search is beneficial in various ways if you are a user of Java programming.

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