What are the benefits of native js?

370    Asked by AmitSinha in Java , Asked on Oct 10, 2022

 Given how much simpler jQuery development is, when compared to native JavaScript, what makes people forgo libraries like jQuery altogether? Is this because jQuery has limitations or it is slow? I mean, if jQuery is so easy compared to native javascript, what reasons do people have to still use pure javascript?

Answered by Amit Sinha

Reasons I know:

  When the need is extremely minimal, say 1 onclick.

When download speed is critical and the jQuery library is too large AND you don't have to write much (custom) code to replace it. When integrating with other technologies, sometimes raw native js is better. When working on a legacy system (aka 'production') already written in js with established patterns and the team is not open to constant (but ideally gradual) change like this.

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