Can javascript scripting be used generally?

377    Asked by AmitSinha in Java , Asked on Oct 13, 2022

 I've used JavaScript and some frameworks (jQuery, Prototype, some node.js) for client-side web programming, but never on the desktop, where I do most of my scripting work in either Python or Bash.

But IMHO, JavaScript would make a great scripting language if used outside of the browser. Has anyone tried this? Can JavaScript be an adequate replacement for Python/Perl/Bash for quick and dirty scripting tasks?

Answered by Ankit yadav

Yes! You definitely can do that with Node.js or Rhino. For example the coffeescript compiler is nothing but a node.js script.

I will admit that it is not generally my first choice for desktop javascript scripting but I see no reason why it would not work quite well for a number of tasks.

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