Can I attach selenium javadocs in eclipse?

251    Asked by Amitjaisawal in Java , Asked on Oct 10, 2022

 I want to attach a java doc file that contains selenium commands & functions so that on hovering them in my code, I can easily learn about & can use them in a better way. I tried with multiple solutions still found such error,

Open Declaration

   WebElement org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver.findElement(By arg0)

Note: This element neither has attached source nor attached Javadoc and hence no Javadoc could be found

Answered by Ankit yadav

What you're looking for is a "Selenium plugin" for your IDE. I don't think such a thing exists. All you get is the default "intellisense" documentation. There is no way you can get more than that without a native IDE plugin integration.

The best thing you can do is just reference the official online Selenium javadocs and/or create your own javadoc HTML page for your own Selenium project's classes.

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