How can I troubleshoot the issue related to Flutter SDK path Configuration while updating the Flutter SDK?

  I am currently assigned a specific task related to using the Flutter SDK. In this particular task, I need to update a flutter SDK path, however when I am going through the process of updating I am encountering with an issue with the path Configuration of flutter SDK. How can I troubleshoot this particular issue? 

Answered by Chloe Burgess

 In the context of Mobile development, you can update the flutter SDK path by using the several steps which are given below:-

Locate the new SDK

First, you would need to download and extract the new Flutter SDK. In this step, you can choose a preferred location to install it on your particular machine.

Update the environment variables

Although it is an optional step, however, it is highly recommended. In this step, you need to update the PATH environment variable including the flutter SDK path which is new. This step would ensure that the commands should be accessible globally in the terminal.

Update the configuration of the project

Now navigate to your particular flutter-based project directory. Then after opening the file named “pubspec.yaml”. And in the end, update the section named “environment” for specifying the version of SDK. Here is the example given below:-


    Sdk: “>=2.12.0 .0.0”

Run flutter doctor

In the directory of the project open a terminal and run “flutter doctor” for checking any issue. Then after confirm the new SDK is correctly configured or not.

Update the IDE setting (if applicable)

Try to ensure that your integrated development environment (IDE) flutter plugin is configured successfully for using the new SDK path.

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