Which phase of software production is the focus of DevOps?

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 am new to DevOps, and I want to know about which phase of software production is the main focus of DevOps. 

Answered by Damini das

Answer:- In the context of DevOps, the phase of software production which is the focus of DevOps are the following:-


The first and foremost consideration of developing software in DevOps is development itself. It refers to the collaboration between Developers and the operational team during the cycle of software development.


It helps in the incorporation of automated testing, continuous testing, and practices of quality assurance to ensure reliable and user-friendly release of software.


It is again an important phase in software development in terms of DevOps. It includes automation of the deployment process, using continuous deployment pipelines. It leads the developers to deploy error-free software to the production environment.

Operations and monitoring

The DevOps also focuses on Monitoring and logging of software systems during the process of production and even after the production is completed. It executes infrastructure as code or IaC for managing configuration, scalability, and other operations.

Feedback and continuous improvement

It is one of the important qualities of DevOps as the phrase. DevOps wants to facilitate the users to give continuous feedback about the software that it developed so that it can continually improve the software and itself.

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