Which DevOps principle focuses on product and service thinking?

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 I am new to DevOps and want to know about the principal which focuses on product and service thinking. 

Answered by Unnati gautam

The DevOps principle which emphasizes “product and service thinking” mainly revolves around the understanding of the development and the operational efforts. In technical terms this principle could be translated into the following points:-

Used-centric design

It mainly focuses on the enhancement of the experience of the users. It has the mechanism of getting feedback for continuous improvement in itself.

Iterative development

It uses the technique of iterative development which refers to using such methodologies and development practices that can help in incremental changes based on the feedback of customers clients or users.

Data-Driven decision making

It uses data metrics and data analytics techniques to gain insights from users to make informed decisions about the product or service.

Minimum viable products (MVP)

It refers to releasing a minimum value version of the product or even service for quickly gathering of k sights and feedback before Investment.

In this way, the DevOps team integrates products and service thinking to ensure the delivery of quality-based services.

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