What should be the bash script for a script which can capture stdout and stderr?

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There is a scenario where I am working on Monitoring scripts in the environment of bash. My specific task is to design a script that can run a command and capture both standard Output ( stdout) and standard error (stderr) and also can redirect both streams to separate files for logging. Can you provide me the bash script which can achieve this functionality? 

 In the context of DevOps, you can achieve the target of bash redirect stdout and study to file by using the following points and methods:-

For your particular objective you can use the following scripts:-

# Command to execute (replace with your desired command)
Your_command_here=”ls -l non_existing_folder”
# File names for stdout and stderr logs
# Execute the command and redirect stdout and stderr to log files
$your_command_here >$stdout_log 2>$stderr_log
# Check if the command execution was successful
If [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
    Echo “Command executed successfully. Check ‘$stdout_log’ for stdout.”
    Echo “Command failed. Check ‘$stderr_log’ for stderr.”Fi

You can replace “your_command_here” according to your choice of which you want to execute. Moreover, to use this above script, you can save it in a file which would make it executable, and then execute it for capturing the stdout and stderr of the particular Command into the separated file logs.

In this way, you can achieve the target of bash redirect stdout and stdey to file.

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