What is the use of ctrl+c in a Linux environment?

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I am new to using Linux terminal commands. Therefore, when I was attempting to stop a process that was running in the terminal by using “ctrl+c”, I could not stop the process. What is the use of ctrl+c in the Linux environment? 

Answered by Chloe Burgess

In the context of DevOps, the ctrl+c in Linux environment is a keyboard shortcut used in sending the SIGINT( signal interrupt) signal to the terminal currently active. This signal would then request the process to terminate gracefully.

Here is the example given of its usage:-

Consider a scenario where you have a long-running process in your terminal, let’s say python script or a server. Now if you want to stop this particular process by using the “ctrl+c” you would need to simply press the ctrl key and the C key simultaneously. After typing both keys simultaneously, it will stop the program to be functioning further thus, it will terminate the Python script or server.

Thus this shortcut is very handy in stopping the long process without closing the window or gateway of the terminal. It allows users to manage and even control the currently active operations effectively.

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