What is a VSM( value stream map)?

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How should I use a value stream map in order to identify and even optimize the workflow in the process of software development? Consider also internal processes and external processes with the stakeholders. 

Answered by Bernadette Bond

The answer to your question what is value stream map is a type of visual representation of the entire process that is used in delivering a product or service. In order to develop software, creating a VSM may include mapping each stage, from initial idea to deployment which will further highlight key steps and interactions.

For the purpose of optimizing the workflow, you can analyze the map to identify bottlenecks, delays, or unnecessary steps. Streamlining the process may involve the process of elimination of non-value-added activities which will further improve the communication channels even if it will execute automation.

You can consider external factors such as stakeholder feedback and collaboration and integrate them into the value stream. You should update regularly your VSM to reflect changes and should continuously improve the development process.

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