What are the advantages of Ansible?

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Answered by Kalyani Malhotra

Agent less : Ansible is totally agent less. There is no need to install any agents/software on the client's machine. This makes it very easy to operate and maintain Ansible server and its clients.

Simple and YAML based : Ansible is written in simple syntax in YAML based playbook which are human readable and easy to learn. No special coding experience is required to write or understand a playbook due to which even a new user can become productive quickly with Ansible. YAML is better fit than JSON since it is easy to read, supports comments.

Powerful, Flexible and Efficient : Ansible can be used to model highly complex IT workflows without consuming much resources on the server. Ansible comes with large numbers of modules due to which it can be used to manage any Cloud providers, Network, Operating system, Infrastructure etc.

Python based: It is built on top of Python, which is fast, robust and most popular programming languages in today’s world.

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