How to move to microservices-based architecture from monolithic architecture?

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I have recently joined a tech company as a platform engineer and my first project is to orchestrate the migration of microservices-based architecture from monolithic architecture. How can I do so easily? 

Answered by Danna sahi

As a platform engineer you have to look into account several considerations during the transition of microservices-based architecture from monolithic architecture. Here is the step-by-step guide:-

Assessment And Planning:- Under this, you should evaluate the current architecture of the monolithic system in order to identify the dependencies.

Define the microservices boundaries:- Under this, you should define the boundaries of microservices to check whether your approach and target are enough to meet your requirements and dependencies or not.

Define Microservices Architecture:- After defining the boundaries you can define your microservices architecture such as API contacts, and communication protocols.

Incremental Migration:- For implementing the main objective you should break down the monolith first into smaller components in order to smoother the process. After that, you move further to set up an API gateway for unified access to microservices. After it, you can encode the policies such as authentication, rate limiting, etc.

Integration testing:- After completing the task do not forget to test the integration or migration in order to ensure interoperability, fault tolerance, and resilience of the microservices ecosystem.

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