How the meaning of provisioning change during the setup cloud-based infrastructure?

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 I have a scenario where my project team wants to set up cloud-based infrastructure. My doubt is how the meaning of “provisioning” changes and what considerations should be taken into account during the efficient allocation of resources in this cloud environment. 

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During the transition from traditional servers to cloud-based infrastructure the “provisioning meaning” undergoes a critical shift or changes. In your particular scenario, the provisioning no longer refers to the allocation of physical servers which are physical but it can extend to the dynamic allocation of the resources in the required cloud. The cloud-based infrastructure includes on-demand creation and management of virtual machines, storage, and networking resources.

Your team should consider several factors such as capabilities of auto-scaling, cost efficiency, and optimization of resource allocation which should be based on varying workloads. Moreover, the cloud-based infrastructure emphasizes the importance of infrastructure. The provisioning of the cloud also enables rapid scalability which can further allow your team to adapt to changing requirements and demands by adding or reducing resources effortlessly. Here is the example given of using environment variables in terraform:-

Setting environment variables

Export TF_VAR_region=”us-west-2”
Export TF_VAR_instance_type=”t2.micro”
Terraform configuration using environment variables
Provider “aws” {
  Region = var.region
Resource “aws_instance” “example_instance” {
  Ami = “ami-12345678” # Replace with a valid AMI ID
  Instance_type = var.instance_type
  Tags = {
    Name = “ExampleInstance”
Running terraform command
# Initialize the working directory
Terraform init
# Preview the changes to be applied
Terraform plan
# Apply the configuration using environment variables

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