How can I use the “git abort merge” command to abort the merging process?

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 I am collaborating with a team that is developing software and my task is related to a new feature branch. When I started the process of merging I realized that there were conflicts and I didn’t anticipate it. How could I stop aborting the merging process using the “git abort merge” command? 

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 In the context of DevOps, here are the steps given or provided for aborting the merging process in your particular scenario by using the “git abort merge” command:-

Checking the merging status

Firstly, you should check the merging status by using the command “git status’’ to ensure that you are in the middle of a merge process.

Aborting the merging process

To return the state where you were before starting the merging process use the command

  “git merge – abort”

This above command will eradicate the process of merging and restore the state of the branch.

Verify Repository State

Finally, use “git status” again to ensure that the repository is now in the desired state or not. If it is in the desired state then it indicates that the branch has returned to its state.

Therefore, remember that the “git merge---abort” is used to undo the process of merging your branch.

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